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A Big Moment for 4K

    The YWAM 4K team has been praying since the beginning to see it grow into the powerful tool God called it to be. For years, it has been slow going, yet not lacking in any hard work. Now, the technology, people, and training necessary to see 4K truly take off have all started come together. God’s timing is impossible to understand, but He is always faithful!

    “Although the vision for 4K as been around for several years, the technology and staff to implement this vision has not. During a gathering, we felt and saw that the divine moment where technology, staff, and training were coming together to achieve the 4K vision over the last several years.
    So what happened? First, the technology came together: As we all know, technology changes too fast for us to keep up with. This has played into our favor. With internet technology our research capabilities have grown immensely over the past 18-24 months, allowing us to collect data from the farther reaches of the earth in countries, provinces, and peoples. Some of which we didn’t even know about. With new smart phone technology, we are working on ways to communicate and track our activities as missionaries to see what we’ve done and what needs to be done to complete the Great Commission.
Second, the people came together: God is sending us the people we need, when we need them. Over the last few months God has sent people to 4K with experience in cartography, global positioning systems, and computer programming, all of which are vital for us in order to succeed in following the vision God has given us.
Third came the training: We need to train people to help us accomplish all God has for us. We have started the planning for a second School of Mapping for the summer of 2014 and a Geographic Perspectives School for the summer of 2015.”
– Sonny, 4K Mapping

Checkout their website HERE or their Facebook Page HERE

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