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Mission Trip: Accomplished. Now What?

A follow-up to last week’s post on coming home well (tips for what we call “re-entry”).

Mission trips change us. They radically alter our perspective. They open our eyes to the needs of the world and ways God can use us to meet them. Best of all, we get to know Jesus better than ever.

So how do we go back to normal without, well, going back to normal?

Remember: God Is Still God

First things first: God is the same God at home as he was on your mission trip.

  • The way he met you in a special way when you spent time with him.
  • The way he worked through you to touch someone’s life.
  • The way he opened your eyes to the needs around you.
  • The way he challenged you to step beyond what you imagined was possible.

You don’t stop needing him now that you’re back on familiar turf. And he doesn’t stop wanting all of you now that your mission trip is done. Keep seeking more of him.

The Lost Are Still Lost

It’s easy to settle back into a routine. In fact, you’ll be surprised by how quickly your trip feels a bit surreal – like a distant memory, even a dream.

There’s nothing wrong with being diligent to return to your old commitments and reconnect with the people you’re close to. But whatever you do, don’t forget what you’ve experienced. God knows what he’s doing. It’s likely that he sent you on your mission trip for a deeper purpose than just those few days.

God sent you on your mission trip for a deeper purpose than just those few days.

Don’t forget the needs you saw and the people who still don’t know Jesus. And don’t forget what happened when you responded in obedience to the Lord.

Ask God: “Why Me?”

Take time to process your trip, and don’t shy away from some soul searching. Right now, while the experience is fresh, is the best time to be asking God what’s on his heart for you.

  • How are you challenging me to live differently?writing
  • How should my taste of missions influence my time? My finances? My dreams for the future?
  • Is there something more that God is calling me to?

Those are big questions. Don’t run from them.

As you saw on your mission trip, you won’t regret letting God have his way.

By the way, it’s not too early to start planning for next year’s mission trip!