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Is Language the Most Important Thing?

Jihye, originally from South Korea, is a student in the Discipleship Training School. She left her family and everything familiar to let God transform her. Check out what she has to say about doing a DTS in another country:

What made you want to do a DTS in Louisville, Kentucky?

I wanted to do a DTS in Kentucky because it’s a central state in America and there is so much western culture to experience. I also felt this base was a good size, and that it would become like family.

What’s something God has shown you since being here?

The biggest thing is my significance. Jesus always loves me. He wants to talk with me. When I’m working or busy I can easily forget about that and focus on my situation.

Jesus always loves me.

But during class all the speakers keep reminding me of my significance and how the Lord values me. He loves me even when I make mistakes.

Can you tell me about one challenge of doing a DTS in another country?

Of course, number one is language and second is the culture. The process of raising finances for outreach in another country requires translation and time. I want to make sure that the people from my culture understand why I am raising finances for outreach. I know it will be worth the work!

What’s your favorite thing about America?

CHIPOTLE! I love eating at Chipotle.

And I like the weather here. Korea is very humid at times. Here it’s not that humid. There is a lot of snow and rain in the winter, and not as much here.  I also enjoy looking at the stars! Where I am from, you cannot see the stars because of all the smoke from the city.

What would you tell someone that is thinking about doing a DTS in another country?

Before I came here, I thought I had to prepare my Bible knowledge and spend a lot of time studying to learn English. You don’t have to learn perfect English and then come to DTS.

You don’t have to learn perfect English and then come to DTS.

I’m not qualified with that, but it doesn’t matter because Jesus still loves me. Even though I make mistakes He will teach me. I don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes. I can learn and experience a lot of things here.

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