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My favorite thing about Community Living

Ever wonder what it’s like living in a community of missionaries? Here are our top 5 favorite things about community living!

5. Work Detail: Cooking a meal or cleaning around the base!


“I love working in teams. Also, work detail is a great time to get to know people!” -Brittany

4. Impacting the local community with the love of Christ. 


“I love our local ministry because it is a chance to serve and connect with people who God loves.”  – Jaron

3. Praying for the nations!


“Intercession! The fact that we can pray on behalf of other people in other nations is amazing!” – Krystal

2. Simply living together: Yes, it’s actually fun! 


“I love the community.” – Moises   

1. Sharing life and growing with another another.


“I love growing closer to God with like-minded people.” Madisyn  

“Class times are my favorite because it’s not only learning deep, biblical truths but learning them with others.” – J.D. 

What to learn more about our community? Read more about us and about our Discipleship Training School.

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