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A Family Army

“As a family of missionaries, we are multiplying, equipping, and launching faithful leaders who actively fulfill the Great Commission.”

These are the words that YWAM Louisville was founded on and molded by.  They are the words that we live by; that we hold ourselves to; that we daily strive to walk out.  They are our mission statement, a summary of our goals and our values, and the key components of what makes us who we are.

From our mission statement, there is one crucial word that is fundamental to our identity as YWAM Louisville, and to how we relate to one another.  It is a pivotal factor in everything that we do and each decision that we make as a community.  That word is Family’.

A family, in its intended form, is a group of individuals who love one another unconditionally, and who are wholly committed to each other.  If someone in the family is hurting, the other members surround and support the one with love and encouragement.  If a family member is in need, the others will do everything they can to help out.  If an individual experiences a breakthrough in something they have been praying for, the family is usually the first to know.

Youth With A Mission Louisville is a family, in the truest sense of the word.

Around here, we often use the phrase “Family Army“, which means that we are not only a family as the world understands the term, but we are a unit who will stand firm with one another in the Kingdom, shoulder-to-shoulder, in whatever situation or circumstance we might find ourselves facing.   We fight one another’s battles.  We stand to confront the enemy with one another.  If there is one of us in our ranks who feels too weary to go on, we will support him and join with him in his struggle.  We have been in the trenches with one another.  When the enemy fires his flaming arrows at one of us, he’s taking a shot at all of us.  And the same is true for every time the Lord has blessed one of us.  We celebrate one another’s victories, and honor one another’s lives.  We love each other, even when it’s the last thing we want to do.  We choose each other on a daily basis, and we will always stand together.

Because we have each been called to YWAM Louisville, we have each been called to family.  And as a family, we each have our eyes set on the same goal:  Seeing the Great Commission completed.  Our hearts beat to see Jesus’ sacrifice known throughout the entire earth.  Our mission is to see both young and old raised up to be faithful leaders that will take what they have learned about the Lord and His ways to the rest of the world.

Sometimes, we might not do family perfectly.  But our hearts will always be full of genuine love for one another, we will always stand firm with one another as a Family Army, and we will never stop working toward our goal together.  As Christians, we are the body of Christ, and the expression of the body of Christ is best represented in a family unit.006 (2)

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