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Why Don’t You Ask Me To Heal You?

While I was on my Discipleship Training School outreach in East Asia, God revealed to me that I have anger in my heart toward Him about my genetic syndrome. I have something called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which means the collagen, or glue of the body, doesn’t work correctly. This means that I have loose, flexible joints and skin. It will eventually prevent me from walking, running, and possibly even having children. It is incurable, and untreatable. Oftentimes, walking and going up tons of stairs was not easy for me. There were days when I had to stay back at our hotel instead of going 26774514254_1bf5959eae_bout on ministry because my legs hurt so badly.


One night in particular, when I was once again quarantined in my room, God asked me, “Why don’t you ask Me to heal you?” 


“Why?” I thought to myself. “Well, because You can’t. It’s in my genes. You can’t just remove it. It’s a part of me.”


Despite my final and solemn response, I felt the Lord ask me again, “Why don’t you ask Me to heal you?


The next day, my team and I met up with one of the friends we had made over the course of the few weeks we’d already spent in East Asia. While we were out walking along the busy streets, my foot got run over by a car. Now, I’m not talking about just “up and over”. The car was on my foot for a solid five minutes. In that moment, on this crowded street with the weight of a car resting on my foot, I heard the Lord ask me once again, “Why don’t you ask Me to heal you?” I pleaded with Him, “I don’t care if You heal me, just make this pain go away!”


I pleaded with Him, “I don’t care if You heal me, just make this pain go away!”


Before I even knew what was happening, I was being put into an ambulance and driven right around the corner to the hospital.  As soon as I arrived, X-rays were taken of my foot.


Now, you would think that with my condition, every bone in my foot would have been broken. But when the X-rays came back, they revealed that there was not a single broken or fractured bone! I was so overwhelmingly happy, I felt like crying. Once again, I heard God ask me, “Why don’t you ask Me to heal you?” This time, I had no response as to why I shouldn’t. It had taken my foot getting run over to see it, but He had just made it clear that He could heal me. It was that day, in those moments, that I was finally able to clearly see the goodness and healing (both physically and emotionally) that God has for me.


Gabi is one of our Winter 2016 Discipleship Training School students. She did her outreach in East Asia. Through an attitude of surrender and trusting the Lord, Gabi has an amazing testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness during her DTS.  She plans to be back for our secondary school, School of Ministry Development, in the fall.