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From South Africa: Can you pray for my daughter?

Our teams are back! These past few days our houses have been packed full with people and it sure isn’t quiet around here anymore. The staff and students look darker from all the walking under the sun, they are fighting jet lag and fatigue from all the hours travelling back and yet their eyes are filled with wonder and gratitude for all they saw God do in and through them. This is one of the stories we heard from a student who was on our South Africa team:

“A group of us were out doing ministry in a township called Khayelitsha in Cape Town, Muizenberg. We had been praying for people in the streets and going door to door sharing about Jesus. As my friend Kaitlyn and I we walking, we saw a lady putting up laundry and decided to approach her. As we asked her questions about her and her family, she opened up and told us about her 3 kids, each of them had difficult stories. We offered to pray for them and she accepted. When we were done, her neighbor Vivian appeared. Seeing us come to her neighbor’s home, she asked for prayer too. Vivian invited us to go to her house and as we went she told us about her daughter, Buballa. ‘She’s been throwing up for two weeks and has pain in her back,’ Vivian told us. Inside her house, we saw Buballa. Laying in bed, she looked exhausted and ill. Kaitlyn and I prayed for her, but she didn’t seem to feel better, so we prayed once again. It seemed to help a little bit, but we could tell she was still sick.

We came to see her the next day and when we saw that not much had changed we decided to invite those in the room to join us so we would all lift up our voices together in prayer. We wanted them to know that the power wasn’t in us Americans, but in our God who is everywhere. We couldn’t stay long, but we decided that we would come back to check on her as soon as we could. A week later we were able to visit Vivian. When we asked about Buballa she said, “She’s not here, she’s out with her friends.” She was healed! We got the chance to see her later on and celebrate with her what God had done. Honestly, I felt discouraged the first time we were at Vivian’s house, when we prayed for her daughter, but didn’t see the healing right away. In the moment I couldn’t understand why, but looking back I believe God wanted us to build a relationship with them. He wanted us to emphasize that He heard their prayers and could work through them too.”

-Kylie, DTS student

This morning, we gathered as a family and sang together that Jesus is worthy of every nation and every soul. Hearing stories like this one, we are reminded that, not only He is worthy, but He is also working and moving all over the world. He sees those who feel invisible, hears the cry of the voiceless, seeks the ones who’ve been left behind and brings the lost back home.

There is nothing too big for His power, and nothing too small for His love.