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“Left, Right, or Straight?”

Adventure. What comes to mind when you hear that? It makes me excited and ready to go! I think of traveling and seeing beautiful things, trying to communicate with people who don’t speak my language, and eating delicious, yet strange, food. This year has definitely been a year full of adventures for me. I have gone to three different countries for mission trips in the last 6 months – Southeast Asia, Russia, and Nicaragua. All of which are drastically different from each other and I loved each of them.

“Is this really my life?” I thought in Southeast Asia as I stood in the middle of a coffee shop holding hands with a group of 15 college students as my team lead them in a prayer to accept Jesus into their hearts.

“Is this really my life?” I thought as I stood on a cliff in Russia overlooking a breathtaking view, praying for the lost people in Russia to come to know the hope that is found in Jesus.

“Is this really my life?” I thought as I walked through the streets of Nicaragua going door to door giving Bibles to people who have never owned a Bible before.

I absolutely love my life and being able to travel and meet people all over the world, but the adrenaline rush and “mountain top experience” eventually always fades. No matter how much I love adventure, it isn’t what fulfills my heart. “What would be enough?” is a question the Lord asked me while I was in Southeast Asia. At the end of a full day of ministry and having fun with people, which normally gives me energy I was left feeling empty. I struggled with feeling like I wasn’t wanted or needed and that I wasn’t doing enough to prove myself. The Lord reminded me that His love is the only thing that will truly fulfill the desires I have in my heart for love, affirmation, and adventure. That truth is something He reminded me of a lot these past six months.

Since being back in America the last couple of weeks, each morning I have been going on a walk with Jesus. Whenever I get to a crossroad, I ask the Lord “Left, right, or straight?” Then I go where He says. I love that I follow a God who leads me doing Bible distribution in Nicaragua the same as He does for a walk just the two of us in Louisville, Kentucky.  More than my actions and service, He wants my heart. The real adventure that will last forever is getting to know Jesus, and that can happen anywhere anytime. This really is my amazing life, but it is only because of Him.

Cassidy learned about DTS on the mission field. She spent several years with her family in a Muslim-majority nation, which might explain her maturity and tenacity. But it’s her depth of relationship with Jesus that marks her the most.