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Cultural Encounter

Discipleship Training School (DTS) Elective

Get strategic! Learn how to engage cultures and religions who have had little or no access to the Gospel.


We Are All Called To Missions

A Cultural Encounter DTS Elective dives deep into the Great Commission challenge to reach every nation. You’ll learn how to engage with other cultures and religions, seek the heart of God for the nations he’s made, and examine the call to global mission that’s woven throughout the whole Bible.

Cultural Encounter Includes:

Effect of Culture

gain a deeper understanding of culture and how it affects you and the lens through which you see the world.

God's Heart For Missions

Look at the story of the Bible and history as a whole to understand more of God's missionary heart and love for all people.

The Need For The Gospel

Where is the Gospel needed, what can it effect and what is the Church doing?

Experience Cultural Cuisine

Experience culture through trying different international foods.


talk about hospitality and what that looks like as it relates to cultures and also the gospel

Dive Deep Into Religions

Learn more about other world religions and their effect on cultures

What Will You Learn?

Considered A YWAM Gap Year?

Do a full-year of missions by combining your Discipleship Training School with the School of Ministry Development (SOMD). Travel the world, share the gospel, and discover your calling.


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