From North Africa: A Surprise Birthday Party

My team met a refugee family that we really connected with. We had a conversation about the Bible the first time we met, and were eager to continue our conversation and friendship. Gratefully, we were able to meet with them again!

Before we went to visit them the second time, I suggested that we pick up some treats. I wanted to bring them something special. We went to the store to buy some cookies and small treats, but ended up getting them a cake.

When we arrived at their house, the wife was so excited to see us. She told us that she had she felt that we were truly her friends and she hadn’t felt that way about other foreigners she had met.

Through conversation, we find out that it was her and her son’s birthday the week before. She told us that because money was tight that they didn’t celebrate or do anything special. As she was telling us this, we remembered the cake and pulled it out.

We told her that this was going to be her birthday cake and we had an impromptu party! She had some candles so we lit them and sang “happy birthday” to her and her son. She tearfully thanked and told us that she had never had anyone buy her a birthday cake or sing her happy birthday before in her life. I could tell that it really touched her and it made her feel extremely loved. To top it off, they accepted a bible from us and said they are going to begin reading it as a family.

It was truly God that led us to buying a cake and bringing it that night!

-Leah, September 2020 Discipleship Training School
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