Discipleship Training School (DTS)

In a YWAM DTS you will learn more of who God is and travel the world on a journey to make His love known.

Get Discipled

YWAM's Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a life-changing five-month program that builds a solid foundation of personal growth and relationship with Jesus. It starts with twelve weeks of biblical teaching, real-life application, and ongoing discipleship, all geared towards helping you know God better at our YWAM Louisville Campus. Then you’ll take your growing love for Jesus and share it with others on an eight-week overseas mission trip.

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Know God Better

You’ll not only explore new places with people who feel like family—you’ll also experience the adventure of knowing Him more deeply and seeing Him work through you to reach others.

Be Alongside Like-Minded People

Encounter God’s love for you in deep, personal ways. Learn about your identity in Christ. Discover more of your purpose. Grow alongside others in our missionary community and create lifelong friendships. Gain confidence and real cross-cultural experience as you step out of your comfort zone and introduce others to the life-changing hope of who Jesus is.

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Aspects of DTS

YWAM's DTS is full of powerful teaching and in-depth discipleship. Our training takes you deep, rooting you in the truth of God’s Word and helping you grow in His love as you walk more closely with Him. And that’s just the beginning! Here in our missionary community, we’re all learning and growing as we pursue Jesus together.


We believe that scripture is God breathed and important for our relationship with Him. To know God is to know who he is and what he has done.


During DTS you will have weekly one-on-one discipleship that takes you deep, rooting you in the truth of God’s Word and helping you grow in His love.


Three times a week we come together as a community and praise Him from the overflow of our heart.

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What Does DTS Look Like?

It Is Broken into Two Parts:

First Part: Training

It’s a chance to broaden your perspective and deepen your understanding of God.

Schedule For Training Phase

Wondering what your DTS schedule will look like?

Learn, grow, and build friendships that will last a lifetime through class, homework, group outings, and downtime. 

To see a more detailed schedule, click the button below!

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Aspects of Training Phase

YWAM Worship and Music

Worship & Prayer

Regular times of gathering to worship Jesus are central to the rhythm of DTS.

YWAM devotional and studying bible

Quiet Times

We connect with God everyday by spending time reading the bible, praying, doing devotionals, and listening to worship music.

YWAM Louisville city

Local Ministry

Each week we go throughout the city, build friendships and share Jesus through things like homeless ministry such as Exit 0 and Salvation Army, service project with Love City, and more.

Second Step: Outreach

Apply what you will learn in lecture phase by taking the Gospel to the nations!


What People Say About YWAM?

Lizzy King

Lizzy King

“My time at YWAM helped to grow my relationship with Christ immensely. While there, I learned that I am not only loved by the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, but that He longs for a relationship with me, that He can and does speak to me. I now have a closer, more loving, and more personal relationship with the Lord than I ever had before.”

Jarrett Shamp

Jarrett Shamp

My relationship with the Lord navigated in ways I didn’t expect. I learned to trust and surrender, and find joy in times of challenge, none of that confidence being found in me but rather in the Lord. I really learned when you see the Lord come through you can’t not trust him.“

Lydia Malitte

Lydia Malitte

"My time at YWAM Louisville deepened my relationship with the Lord in finding joy in surrender and letting go of destructive habits. I have learned to build healthy relationships with the people around me knowing that God is trustworthy. In that way I also allowed God to break down walls that hindered me from receiving love.”

Adrian Lee

Adrian Lee

Before coming to YWAM I didn’t know what it meant to have a relationship with God: how to listen to Him, how to spend time with Him, how to love Him and how to accept His love. Going to YWAM helped me learn all these things and what it truly means to be a follower of Christ.

Lia Ylitao

Lia Ylitao

I grew up going to church all my life but it wasn't until DTS that I truly got to know who God was. In DTS, I read all of the old testament for the first time and learned that I don't need to be perfect to earn the Lord's love. He loves me in good times and the hard times.

What Others Have Learned

In Their DTS

Discipleship Training School is full of opportunities to grow. You’ll discover things that you need to learn and things you didn’t know that you didn’t know before coming to DTS. Here are somethings that previous students learned within the first few weeks:



God's Grace

I didn’t understand the extent of God’s grace before I came. One of the speakers we had opened my eyes to how you don’t have to earn your place at God’s table. 



Power of God's Love

I didn’t understand the power of God’s love for me and that I get to choose to accept it and then return it to him. 



I Thought I Wasn’t Prideful

That pride can be valuing yourself above or below what you truly are. I thought I wasn’t prideful but thought of myself below who God created me to be, and didn’t realize that was a problem before DTS.

Upcoming YWAM DTS Dates & Costs


Sep 22, 2024 - Mar 1, 2025


includes classes, training, and materials 


cost based on outreach location


Jan 5, 2025 – May 31, 2025


includes classes, training, and materials


cost based on outreach location

Personalize Your YWAM DTS

At this YWAM location, you have the option of choosing the “flavor” for your DTS experience. Electives maintain the core training of a DTS while adding an emphasis near to your heart. Our upcoming DTS electives include :






Disc Golf

How Do I Pay For My YWAM DTS?

Do not know how to raise the funds for tuition? Here are some of the ways you can raise the money to come to DTS.

  • Pray and Trust God

  • Ask Friends And Family

  • Ask Your Church

  • Get A Job

What Can You Do After YWAM?

Discipleship Training School opens a door to a world of possibilities with YWAM and other organizations. Once you have completed a DTS, you have several options in front of you.


Become part of another ministry or join a local church.


Join any YWAM Location across the world to attend a secondary school after DTS or serve as a full-time missionary.


Start University or College knowing who God is and knowing more of what you want to do in life.


DTS teaches you skills needed to thrive in any workplace. 

Considered a Gap Year?

Do a full-year of missions by combining your Discipleship Training School with the School of Ministry Development (SOMD) to make a YWAM Gap Year.

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