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Bible School for the Nations

We believe that God’s living Word has the power to transform not only our individual lives, but also the society we live in.

Our Bible School for the Nations (BSN) was designed for a purpose: to further the Great Commission by equipping students to effectively disciple the nations.


Not Just Information

The BSN is not just about accumulating knowledge or facts; it’s about knowing the God of the Bible, fostering a life-long love for the Word, and going to the nations equipped with truth that transforms. 

The 6 month BSN core course is designed to provide a Biblical foundation, tools and skills for those who are hungry for the Living Word. As you study the Scriptures, deepen in your love for God and your desire to share His Word in the nations.

During the four month classroom phase of the BSN, students will grow in their biblical worldview as they gain an overall understanding of the Bible while studying it chronologically. With a focus on personal and societal application, students’ confidence in God will be enlarged as they understand His character, how He brings about His purposes in history, and learn His intentions for each sphere of society.

YWAM BSN Teaching
BSN Youth with a mission

Get Equipped

The BSN immerses you in the whole story of the Bible, working through the Old and New Testament chronologically and exploring all the ways God has revealed himself to us throughout. The four-month lecture phase will train you to

  • Make relevant applications of biblical truth to all areas of life
  • Cultivate a lifestyle of hunger for God’s Word
  • Develop tools for studying and understanding Scripture
  • Learn to effectively communicate God’s truth
  • Grasp the overall story of the Bible
  • Take the transforming power of the Bible to the nations

Cody Tyler

BSN Alumni

During my lecture phase I walked in not being able to connect “Old Testament” God to the new. Having gone through YWAM's BSN I can now say that I see Gods character through out the whole Bible and that He is good

Randy Aills

BSN Alumni

Going into my BSN I thought I had to have more knowledge of the Bible to be able to do this school. The Lord really showed me more of who he is and that it is more than knowing information from the Bible but it’s about relationship and transformation of the heart in understanding who he is and see he is the same God in the Old Testament as he is in the New Testament. I also grew in my confidence of sharing truth with others.

Juanita Brangers

BSN Alumni

 never expected to enjoy being in the village we ended up going to as much as I did. The participants were so involved in what we were teaching and it was so humbling and encouraging. We had just finished our two weeks of the Bible seminar, and I was talking to the chief of the village we were in. He told me that he had been praying for weeks for something like what we had brought to their village. He said he had felt very spiritually dry and needed uplifted and that we had been an answer to his prayers and the past two weeks had been exactly what he needed. He was so thankful that we had come all the way to Fiji to bring God’s word and simple truths that we so easily forget. It was amazing to see God move through our obedience to Him!

BSN Course Modules

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Old Testament

New Testament

Methods & Topics

The BSN uses a chronological method to study the full historical narrative of a God who rules and reigns in the world and redeems His people for Himself.

Topics Include:

God's nature and character

God's kingdom principles

God's purpose for humanity

God's interaction with His creation

Upcoming BSN Dates & Costs


Jan 09, 2022 – Jun 04, 2022


based on location


Jan 08, 2023 – Jun 03, 2023


based on location


The BSN is open to anyone who has successfully completed a YWAM Discipleship Training School

Lecture Phase is $3890 and the price of outreach will depend on the location

A typical week in BSN includes daily personal time with Jesus, daily class time on that week’s topic, homework / study time, intercession and worship with the broader YWAM Louisville family, local outreach opportunities, and work detail.

Once your application has been processed, we'll send you a packing list and other helpful information. But here are three essentials: a heart to learn, some way to take notes and complete assignments, and an ESV or NASB Bible.

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