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We are proud to be based in Louisville since 2007. As we continue to grow, so do our campus and accommodation. Our facilities are nestled in a quiet suburb in Louisville's east end, and it won’t be long before you start feeling right at home. We're graciously hosted by a local church, providing office space as our hub of operations and classroom space where we worship, pray, and learn together. Our housing is just a short distance away, where YWAM DTS roommates quickly become life-long friends.

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The Chapel

The chapel is our weekly gathering place for worship, class time, and prayer times. It is a place designed to serve multiple purposes for both our staff and students.


The atrium is where we gather together every Wednesday morning to drink coffee and hangout together. It's also used for prayer, quiet times, and is a place where people can go to enjoy the Presence of God in solitude, or together.

Office Building

Our offices contain classrooms for our ongoing schools and are also created for staff to connect with future applicants, plan future schools, put together our Mission Adventures trips, and many other base related jobs.

The Gym

One of the most important places on campus is the gym. Lunch and dinners are served here every workday and our kitchen crew will always greet you with big smiles. When our mealtimes are finished we regularly play basketball or volleyball and have scheduled nights for more competitive games.

Student Housing

Our students stay in houses near our campus. These houses are for you & your fellow students to sleep in, relax, and ultimately have a personalized space that is yours during your time here! We believe that living together encourages community among students and staff, creating an atmosphere of unity & accountability.

The Landing

A place for everyone to hangout with friends and relax. You can read a book, get some work done, or practice playing your guitar.


For graduations, summer youth mission trips, and other large events we use the sanctuary that is on the church campus. 

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