It’s a challenge to say exactly what my favorite experience in Mexico was, but I think I’ve narrowed it down.

For starters, I loved the team that I co-lead for Bible distribution and park ministry. We got along well and just wanted to share Jesus with people.

On the last day of my team’s Bible distribution, we divided the team in two so we could cover more ground.

One particular girl on our team felt God prompt her to bring some money with her.

After walking around, we came up to a house centered on a steep hill. We knocked on the door and waited for an answer. No answer. We knocked again, still no answer. Before knocking a third time, we heard someone hurry to unlock the door.

When the door opened, there were four people standing at the door with confused looks on their faces. Right away, we introduced ourselves and explained why we were there. Before we could finish speaking, their expressions had relaxed and they motioned for us to come inside.

We went inside and after handing a Bible to them, they began sharing their story with us. As it turned out, the husband and wife were living with the wife’s parents because of her father’s medical needs. They opened up to us about their difficulties in finances. They were barely able to stay on top of everything with the many medical bills and needing food, etc.

Shortly after we were told about their struggles and challenges, the girl I mentioned earlier pulled out the small wad of money she carried and handed it to the wife. After seeing the amount, the lady overwhelmingly exclaimed that it was exactly the amount of what they needed to be able to put food on the table and pay for her father’s medical treatment.

This opened the door for us to share the Gospel and connect with them in a way we may have not otherwise.

It’s the small acts of love that bring about moments that forever mark our lives and the lives of others with the goodness and love of God.