5 Ways to Ruin a Relationship

Relationships come and go, right? Here are five of our tips to help them go away a little bit quicker!

1. It’s you, you, and *clap your hands* always you.

Relationships are about you feeling great! So take, take, take, and then take some more! Helping your friend to remember this is key so make sure your conversations always point back to you. If your still uncertain how to walk out in this let the question, “what can you give me?” be at the forefront of your mind. Having this mentality will be a helpful way to bring the focus back to where it belongs– on you!

2. Say you’re too busy (or another great cop out.)

Spending time, helping out, and just connecting in general with your friend is overrated. Take away the inconvenience of you giving up your time and energy that can instead be used to watch Netflix and say hello to social media 24/7 with these four easy excuses!

1.  My pet isn’t feeling good so I need to spend time with them. 
2.  I think I hear my mom calling.
3.  I need to do my laundry.
4.  I only love “my bed” and my momma, I’m sorry.

3. Talk with others about them, without them.

Are there areas where your friend has shortcomings? Then talk about it! Not with them, of course, but with others. The more you share the better you’ll feel. Talk about it with their friends so their hearts can be enlightened as well (this helps your opinions and emotions feel validated). Keep in mind that sharing is only for the sake of releasing emotions so stay far away from the words “solution” and “wisdom”. And remember, the next time you see them, friendships end quicker when you turn that frown upside down and smile like everything is OK!

4. Make sure you bring your expectation list.

Since this about you (refer back to tip #1), come into it with the right expectations.

Expectations Checklist:
1. #WeTheSameBro
We know that people’s personalities and thought processes are exactly the same so hold tight to the right of them relating like you and knowing what you are thinking before you say anything!
2. #GoalsFulfilled
You found the key to your happiness! This relationship is everything you want and need. Now you can truly be complete and satisfied.
3. #HakunaMatata
This will be a smooth and easy ride. People are always perfect and bad days are only bad hair days so you can expect a pretty chill adventure. 
4. #ByeFelicia
Any issues that may arise can be swept underneath the rug of “overlooked” and you won’t have to talk about them! Whatever it may be will eventually go away and you can continue your stroll in the park.

5. Reflect what you see around you so they never actually know who you are.

Who says you can’t be a chameleon? It’s no longer being fake, just blending in! A great way to plant seeds of distrust in any relationship is to alter your character or personality to make yourself fit. No worries, you can make it work by throwing genuinity along with vulnerability out the window!

Alright, you are officially prepared to punch holes in any given relationship!

Side note for our readers:
Just so we are clear, this is for a laugh but is also an opportunity for a heart check! Hopefully no one is setting out to ruin their relationship, but these pitfalls are common and can sneak into our friendships so keep your head up and heart clear.
Obviously, there are many pitfalls to watch out for when it comes to relationships so share with us in the comments the pitfalls you’ve seen!