How God Spoke to A Muslim Man

“God does not speak to me.”  These are the words of a man a couple minutes before God gave him an image.

We were at a Syrian refugee’s home and the man, Ahmed and his wife, Isha, were Muslims. I asked them if they thought God spoke to them. They said no, he does not talk back, but we pray to Him and He answers prayers. I was then able to explain how God speaks to us and share a testimony of how God spoke to me about working with Syrians before I knew I would be going to Egypt and working with Syrian refugees. They were grateful God spoke to me and faithfully fulfilled what He said. Then I asked if we could take time to listen to what God was saying to us and if they, too, would listen to His voice.

Our team all got words for the couple. But, what really amazed me was how God spoke to Ahmed. He said he didn’t think God spoke, but then proceeded to tell us an image he got. It was an image of two roads. One road led to death and one to life. He shared that he had to choose which road to follow. I told him that is how the Lord spoke to him. This Muslim man went from believing God didn’t speak to him, to getting an image and seeing how the Lord does speak.

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