Things I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know Before DTS

We asked our YWAM students what they have learned in the past few weeks that they didn't know before

The first few weeks of a YWAM Discipleship Training School are full of new ideas and opportunities to grow. You’ll discover things that you need to learn, things that you need to “un-learn,” and things you didn’t know that you didn’t know before coming to DTS. So, we asked our current DTS students this question:

What is something you didn’t know you didn’t know before you came to DTS?

Here are some of their responses!

Travis: I didn’t know how intense DTS was going to be. I’ve learned so much about God’s fatherly character and how personal He is with me, and how much grace and patience He has with me. 

Erin: I didn’t understand the power of God’s love for me and that I get to choose to accept it and then return it to him. 

Brianna: God has been speaking incredible things to me through intercession.

Kate: I’ve been realizing how much God loves me.

Memphis: Pleasure is not a sin. Music, alone time, etc. are not sin, but we can be more conscious of how to glorify God through these things.

Grace: Quiet time has been revolutionary for me. I’ve learned so much about God’s character through spending time with Him. 

Connor: That in our relationships with one another, society can ruin something good that biblical relationships have in store for us. 

Sehrena: I didn’t understand the extent of God’s grace before I came. One of the speakers we had opened my eyes to how you don’t have to earn your place at God’s table. 

Noah: I didn’t know anything about how to have a healthy romantic relationship. Surrendering things taught me that it’s good to be vulnerable. 

Katie: I didn’t realize how much God loves me. He literally has so much grace to just forgive our sins, forget them, and then allow us to come into communion with Him. 

Luke: I’ve been learning how important it is to be truly humble and not have inferior pride.

Aaron: One of our speakers talked about how if I take one step towards God, He takes 1,000 steps toward me. 

Zack: That pride can be valuing yourself above or below what you truly are. I thought I wasn’t prideful but thought of myself below who God created me to be, and didn’t realize that was a problem before DTS.


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