5 Reasons to do the Music & Worship Elective

Maybe you have a passion for worship, but have never learned anything about music. Or maybe you’re a classical musician who has a difficult time knowing the difference between performance and worship. Or maybe you’ve led worship for years, but are looking to gain a new perspective. 

The Music and Worship Elective offers teachings that will grow your musical abilities and understanding of worship, as well as opportunities for you to exercise them. Here’s five reasons to join:


1. Learn about musical expression

There is so much to learn about how we can express ourselves and our emotions through music. Additionally, worship is such a unique way that we can fully express ourselves to the Father and give glory to Him. 


2. Gain understanding for the heart of worship

It’s so good to pursue understanding for the reasons why we worship. The Music and  Worship Elective has teachings about the heart of worship, humility within worship, and worship in ministry to help you understand God’s heart for worship and to redefine and fully realize your own. 


3. Discover new things about music

It’s important to play, sing, and worship with excellence. Part of doing that is learning about your instrument and how to play it well. The Music and Worship Elective includes lessons about music theory and song-writing to give you experience and knowledge about music so that you can worship with excellence. 


4. Exercise your passions and giftings

It’s so important to learn how to use your passions and giftings for God’s glory. This elective is a great way to learn how to humbly place the motivation and focus of your music on God.


5. Learn how to play with a team

Within the Music and Worship Elective, there are opportunities for leadership and teamwork. Learning how to effectively work together in various teams is so important in order to lead people into worship.


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