Change in a Few Hours

We were handing out Bibles and praying for people when we noticed a shop but no one was in the store. Through an open door, we noticed an older man sitting on a chair with a cane near him. He faced the television with a sour, grey expression. 

Our translator, Sophie, shouted, “¡Hola, comó estás!” (Hello, how are you?) 

The man whipped around and snapped, “Mal!” (Which means “bad”) 

“Well, me and my friends are missionaries and we are here asking if you might need any prayer!” She said in Spanish. 

“I’ve got a bad hip… but I don’t want any prayer!”

We said, “Okay, would you like a Bible? It’s free.”

“No! I won’t read it.”

“Okay, bye.”

We walked away, prayed for his hip and that God would soften his heart, but we didn’t expect anything else to happen. Suddenly, someone who was selling food appeared behind us as we prayed. We bought a little pie and decided we should go back and give it to the man. After we gave him the pie, we continued our Bible distribution. When we were returning to our van, we had a feeling that we should return to the man at the shop.

We walked back and saw that his once sour, grey complexion was alive with a new light about him. When we gestured to the Bible in our hands, he turned in his chair, smiled and welcomed us in. We walked in and he received the Bible from us! We walked back to the van our minds blown.

God had worked in that man’s life in a way I’ll never understand. He answered our prayer, softened his heart and now has a Bible!

 – Josiah, Winter 2022 DTS Student