MA testimony: This was my hope

This week, my group traveled to Wayside, a shelter for those that have no home, food and family to be with. Those people are struggling with addiction or hardship. I walked in one day thinking that this would be like any other day. Do our work, get the job done, feel good and repeat. When I first got out of the car I noticed people laying on the sides of the street. People passed out, staring blankly into life like there was no purpose. I saw trash covering the sidewalks, walking inside there were so many people sulking around the hallways and seats lifeless. Immediately I didn’t know what to think. This was upsetting to see and hard to take in all at once.

“This was upsetting to see and hard to take.”

We eventually carried ourselves into the kitchen where we began cleaning and  helping preparing food. I prayed to God that I would find a sliver of dream in this place where is seemed barren, without hope. That’s when I met a man who enjoyed preparing food. He went on about hopes and dreams he had about the future. He shared his story and his heart and it was beautiful to hear all the wonderful things he had planned. This was my hope. This showed me that there is a light and that in Jesus there’s a future. This man had big dreams, but how much bigger are Gods dreams for him?!!

“This man had big dreams, but how much bigger are Gods dreams for him?!!”

Some of the members of my team prayed over him and I prayed that he would know that Gods love is bigger.

-Halle, Mission Adventures Participant


  1. Becky R on July 5, 2019 at 9:22 pm

    Glad the group was able to have this great experience…love ya Halle!