Do you have a passion for Basketball and a desire to learn how to use your skills for God? Through the teachings and play time, you will learn more about your identity, humility and excellence. You will develop your character as your attitudes and motives are revealed and challenged, and you might discover a whole new love for this sport. Here are five reasons why you should join:


1. Discover how to use basketball in the Kingdom of God

Worship leaders, missionaries, pastors… these are the kinds of people that come to mind when we think about serving God. But did you know that there is also room for your love for sports? In His hands, basketball can be used in so many ways! In this elective, you can discover what this looks like for you and how to connect with Jesus through it.


2. Learn how to play from a place of already being accepted

We’ve heard people say, “If you really want to know what someone is like play basketball with them.” For those of us passionate about sports, the way we play is deeply connected to our identity and values. In this elective, you’ll learn to walk in this simple but life changing truth: You are already fully accepted and loved, regardless of how you play, therefore, you have nothing to prove.


3. Gain understanding in how to practice, play and compete with an attitude that honors the Lord

More than just technique, basketball is also about character. Therefore, if you want to glorify God with it, you need to let Him expose the parts of your heart that don’t honor Him when you play. This elective is a great way to learn what walking this out looks like and be championed and challenged in the process.


4. Grow in playing well together as a team

Playing basketball is more than just about you. There is such joy and freedom in switching from a “me” focused mentality to an “us” focused mentality. This elective offers a space for you to learn how to include others and to play with your team in mind.


5. Learn how to use basketball to connect with people and share the Gospel

Whether playing 5v5 at a park in downtown or shooting hoops in a school yard in Thailand, basketball can be a universal language. It  can bridge the gap between languages, cultures and barriers, making it possible to build relationships and share Jesus with others you may not have the opportunity to do so with any other way. We’ll give you practical skills and situations on what this looks like as you’re here and in the real world!


Here are some other things our students say about this elective:


“I used to play basketball out of anger. In this elective I learned to play for God and from a place of humility .” – Chase 


 “I would absolutely recommend it. It teaches you how to share Jesus through sports. It helps you focus on other people and not just yourself.” – Devin


“This elective really changed my whole outlook on sports. It helped me see that God can actually be a part of even a basketball game. I grew so much closer to Him through it. I learned to have a  healthy view of things that I never considered, like injuries, losing, competition, and teamwork. Definitely loved it! ” -Zay


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