YWAM Missions Playlist: The Songs That Inspire Us

Music is a heart language that God has given us. It transcends racial, social, and physical boundaries. Throughout the whole world you will hear people making music in their own unique way to express themselves. When music is made that comes out of relationship with God, it is an incredible thing! We asked some of our staff and students to share with you songs that inspire them to relationship with Jesus and to missions. May these songs speak to your heart:

“I’m drawn in right when the song starts, and when it kicks up near the end, I’m completely pulled into taking Jesus everywhere and seeing him transform the nations.” – Molly

Song: Walk in the Promise
Artist: Bethel  Music ft. Jeremy Riddle
Album: The Loft Sessions

“This song reminds me of how we are the bride of Christ, and that we are his forever.” – Jaron

Song: Holy (Wedding Day)
Artist: The City Harmonic
Album: I Have a Dream

“I love how this song is sung from God’s perspective to me and my favorite line is ‘I saw it all, still I chose the cross.’ ”  – Amy

Song: Out of Hiding (Father’s Song)
Artist: Steffany Gretzinger and Amanda Cook
Album: The Undoing

“Its a heart cry for more, which expresses our soul’s longing for His return. For such love to be made known to the nations. For us to be awakened to love, deeper and deeper, and for others to be awakened to the infinite love of Jesus. ” – Ryan

Song: Come Awaken Love
Artist: Hunter G K Thompson and Bethel Music
Album: Tides

“I like this song because it talks about God’s redeeming power in my own life and how he has rescued me. That in itself inspires me to tell the greater story of Jesus and who He is on a personal level to everyone.” – Kaylee

Song: Tell the World
Artist: Lecrae
Album: Gravity

“This song challenges me because it reminds me of all that Jesus has done for me, and asks now, ‘What am I going to do for Him?’ I have realized that I cannot be quiet with what Jesus has done for me.” – Miguel

Song: This Man
Artist: Jeremy Camp
Album: Restored

What are the songs that inspire you?

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