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What does DTS Outreach Look Like?

After twelve weeks of experiencing God’s heart in an entirely new way, you’ll be itching to get out and do something for Him. The eight-week mission trip portion of DTS continues the impact on your own life as God draws you out of your comfort zone and works through you to bring his love to others.

Outreach is broken into two parts: Stateside and Overseas Outreach

Stateside Outreach

You’ll start with a ten-day trip here in the United States, where you and your team will visit churches and local ministries, serving alongside them and inviting people to get involved in the Great Commission.

YWAM Youth Group

Speaking at Youth Groups

YWAM Service Project

Service Projects

YWAM Street Evangelism

Street Evangelism


"God gave me the opportunity to lead and speak life into those girls"

"That day I learned that even though it’s not always what I want, God’s way is always the best."


Overseas Outreach

After your US-based outreach, you will head overseas and engage in a full range of ministry opportunities. You’ll get your hands dirty with practical projects like digging a well, building a home, or preparing breakfast for a homeless family. You’ll get a better look at God’s big, beautiful family as you minister alongside local believers. Best of all, you may be the first person to share the hope of Jesus with the people you meet!

And of course there will be interesting food to eat, brand new sights to see, and the adventure of exploring a culture entirely different from your own. Most people agree: DTS outreach is eye opening and life altering.

Aspects of Overseas Outreach

Children's Ministry

Friendship Evangelism

Bible Distribution

Immersed in a New Culture

Share Testimonies

Service Projects



Stories From Outreach

South Africa

"Even in the midst of my doubt, He came through"

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South Asia

"Her eyes began to brim with tears as we shared with her the love that Jesus has for her and that He wants her to be healed"

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Southeast Asia

In that moment, he was touched and asked me, “Why did he have to die on the cross?”

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North Africa

"Her pain can only be healed by God, but she has been blinded to who He truly is."

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“One of you stayed out so he could go in, but God said everyone can come in.”

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This opened the door for us to share the Gospel and connect with them in a way we may have not otherwise.

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"As we listened, he shared with us that he had accepted Christ and become a Christian since we’d last spoken with him!"

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Want More Information and Stories About Outreach?

All of us here at YWAM Louisville have gone on outreach and have stories from our outreaches. Reach out to us and find out more about what DTS Outreach will be like.

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