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Music & Worship

A Discipleship Training School Elective

Sep 18, 2022 - Feb 25, 2023

Next: Jan 08, 2023 - Jun 03, 2023




Sep 18, 2022 - Feb 25, 2023

Next: Jan 08, 2023 - Jun 03, 2023




Sep 18, 2022 - Feb 25, 2023

Next: Jan 08, 2023 - Jun 03, 2023







Honoring God Through Our Music and Worship

The world tells us that if we don't feel something during worship, then the worship wasn't good. Here at YWAM Louisville we know that worship isn't just a feeling, but a heart positioned fully towards the Lord. When we gather to worship, we remind one another of the truth of who He is as we sing (or shout!) it out.


Dive Deep into Worship

The YWAM Music & Worship DTS Elective adds an emphasis to your regular DTS training. This emphasis focuses on honoring God with your musical gifts, building in regular opportunities to hone your skills, working together in teams, and learning about leading others in worship. Spend the first twelve weeks of your DTS learning more about what true worship is.

Real ministry is the overflow of personal relationship with Jesus. Find you voice and your sound while going deeper in our Music & Worship Elective. 

Topics Include: 

  • Music Theory
  • Songwriting 
  • Heart Position Over Talent
  • Silencing The Inner Critic
  • How to Lead Worship While on Outreach
  • How to Work in Teams

Hands-on Ministry

During your DTS outreach, you’ll take eight weeks to engage the nations with the Gospel. You and your elective will be dispersed amongst outreach teams where you will meet both practical and spiritual needs as you share Jesus in a strategic overseas location. Recent Youth With A Mission teams have ministered in East Asia, South Africa, Ukraine, and Colombia. Locations vary and the possibilities are endless.

Music & Worship DTS Elective

What Does This Elective Include?

Learn How To Lead a Team

You will have the chance to grow as a worship leader. Learning how to lead a team well spiritually and musically. There will teachings on building a set list or how to run a worship rehearsal.

Develop Skill

Through your elective you will be given tools to grow in your specific area of musicianship through classes, workshops, and mentors. Some of the possible workshops include; acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, vocals, keyboard, drums, and audio/visual.  

Learn Music Theory

God has created all things with order, so one thing we’ll focus on is music theory. Don’t worry if you have no experience with this, we do our best to meet everyone where they are at. 


It's not unusual for there to be a week in your elective when we will focus on songwriting and have the opportunity to write a song with a team.


You will learn in a deeper way about what it looks like to use your musical gifting to bless the Lord's heart from a place knowing your identity in Christ. 


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Music & Worship DTS FAQs

All of our DTS students will come together for regular classtime, as well as worship, intercession, small group, and other elements of training. The YWAM Music & Worship DTS offers additional content geared towards developing you as a godly musician, as well as providing opportunities to be involved in worship leading and other creative forms of ministry.

You can relax – there’s no audition process! Our goal is to honor God with the gifts He’s given us and worship Him from our hearts. Our YWAM Music and Worship DTS staff are ready to work with you to help you develop your skills.

Vocalists and sound technicians are welcome, as well as anyone who wants to “make a joyful noise to the Lord.”

We have keyboards and percussion instruments on hand (including a drum set), but we recommend that if you have instruments such as guitars, amps, or even personal keyboards you bring them.

Yes, the fee for the Music and Worship DTS elective is $110.

Why We Worship

 He reveals His love to us in a deeper way – and that encounter fuels us to share His love and truth with others.

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